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Introducing   OONI   
There is an appreciable growth in sustainable fashion brands worldwide. However, it is not necessarily bringing better rewards to the artisans whose share in the increasing profits is negligible.
WoolSpell Fashion Show rooted in the philosophy of ‘Sarvodaya’ introduces luxury wool collection brought together by decentralised production in the villages of India and centralised design and distribution. Through design intervention, WoolSpell aims to inspire artisans for sustainable collection, making them visible on national and global map. It has all the producers in the value chain from farm to fashion as stakeholders.
When  & Where?

November 2nd, 2018

Venue: The Nehru Centre 8S Audley St, Mayfair, London


The collection christened as ‘Ooni’ is inspired from the streets world over. Ooni represents world class aesthetics using wool and traditional skills. It brings to you warmth with a spiritual journey.

Each fibre raised by the pastoralists to the meditative handspinning and weaving to design and tailoring, reflects the dedication that goes into bringing an Ooni collection to you.

High Commission of India in London
Office of Development Commissioner Handloom & Handloom Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India
Supporting Carrier
WoolSpell Fashion Show OONI collection is a joint effort of Uttarakhand Handicrafts and Handloom Development Council ‘Himadri’, Bhutti Weavers Cooperative and Looms of Ladakh Women Cooperative.
Looms of Ladakh women cooperative is the fruit of a skill development initiative, Project Laksal which aims to bring together unemployed women artisans from remote villages of Ladakh. The women are trained by designers to produce trend setting knitted and woven products. The best raw materials are sourced locally from nomads and frontier livestock rearing communities of Ladakh who are the exclusive source of the world famous Changthangi Pashmina, Bactrian Camel wool, Yak wool and Sheep wool. This association encourages women empowerment by allowing unemployed women from remote villages to develop their skills in making organic and designer products to sustain themselves financially in the near future. At Looms of Ladakh enrich yourself with genuine handmade products made by the women artisans with perseverance and love.
Bhutti Weavers welcomes you to the most reputed name in the hand-woven woolen shawl industry in Kullu. Since 1944, Bhuttico has been keeping alive the Himalayan traditions in step with the latest trends. A group of 12 weavers from Bhutti village came together in the year 1944 and established a cooperative society known as the Bhutti Weavers Cooperative Society. Working of Bhuttico remained inactive till Mr. Ved Ram Thakur joined it in 1956. He brought in his vision to transform it from a docile institution into a dynamic cooperative.


The Uttarakhand Handloom & Handicraft Development Council (UHHDC) acts as a facilitator to motivate, guide and organize artisans.Uttarakhand, cradled in the lap of the lofty Himalayas, the state boasts of snow-capped peaks, stealthy glaciers, meandering rivers, mist laden valleys and exotic species of flora and fauna.Uttarakhand, cradled in the lap of the lofty Himalayas, the state boasts of snow-capped peaks, stealthy glaciers, meandering rivers and mist laden valleys. Inspired by this flawless natural splendor, the people of Uttarakhand have created and nurtured various forms of arts and crafts since ages.The State specializes in production of woolen handlooms, cotton handlooms, silk products, products of other natural fibers and also many other innovative combinations.

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OONI WoolSpell Fashion Show

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OONI WoolSpell Fashion Show

OONI WoolSpell Fashion Show


OONI WoolSpell Fashion Show

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OONI WoolSpell Fashion Show

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OONI WoolSpell Fashion Show

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OONI WoolSpell Fashion Show